Equine project helps veterans with PTSD

From: troyrecord.com

By: Paul Post


“An estimated 22 active and retired military personnel, afflicted with post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries, commit suicide daily.

A new Columbia University program called the Man O’ War Project seeks to prevent such tragedies by using horses to treat people instead of medications, which have had limited and sometimes negative results.

Drs. Prudence Fisher and Yuval Neria, from school’s Department of Psychiatry, discussed their research at this week’s Equestricon racing festival at Saratoga Springs City Center.

‘We do a psychological review of participants before, during and after each session,’ Neria said.

‘It’s a specific treatment,’ Fisher said. ‘It’s not a one-time experience. Every session builds on the session before it. It’s very gradual. A lot of veterans haven’t been around horses before.'”

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