War Story: Columbia University study tackles equine-assisted PTSD treatment

From: The Saratoga Special

By: Joe Clacy


“Named the Man O’ War Project, the study is a partnership between the Earle I. Mack Foundation, Columbia University Medical Center’s Department of Psychiatry, the New York State Psychiatric Institute and the Bergen County (N.J.) Equestrian Center. Neria and Fisher are about halfway through their research – an open clinical trial (meaning everyone in the study gets the treatment) that will take an additional six to 12 months.

‘Earle has had an association with Columbia for sometime and there is a highly regarded PTSD clinic at Columbia so it made sense,’ said Anne Poulson, a board member of the project along with Mack and James MacGuire. ‘He’s a veteran and has been very involved in Thoroughbred aftercare. He wanted to put his passions together and see if he could do something. He approached (Columbia) and they ran with it.'”

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