Earle I Mack

Earle I Mack

Earle I. Mack is an American businessman, philanthropist and former United States Ambassador to Finland.  He has an avid interest in the arts, politics and thoroughbred racing.

Earle I Mack was elected to serve on the Board of Directors for The Jockey Club in 2012. The Jockey Club was founded in 1884 to improve thoroughbred racing. Mack is a passionate supporter of aftercare efforts for retired racehorses working alongside the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. The Earle Mack TRF Champion award was endowed by Mack in 2011 in order to recognize individuals who made significant contributions towards improving the safety and welfare of thoroughbred horses during and after their racing careers.

The award, now in its 4th year, was recently presented to Victoria McCullough. Through her work to prevent the reinstitution of horse slaughter in the U.S. and working to end the export of horses across U.S. borders, McCullough was the perfect choice for this year’s award. The Earle I. Mack Thoroughbred Champion Award is given to an individual for outstanding efforts and influence on Thoroughbred racehorse welfare, safety and retirement.

Earl Mack-Victoria McCullough-award

Earle I. Mack presenting the award to Victoria McCullough 

Earle Mack made a significant contribution to the Haitian people in the wake of the devastating January 2010 earthquake. Through his direct intervention, trauma physicians, surgeons, and medical supplies were quickly dispatched to the country. “[Earle Mack] has really gone above and beyond. I’m so proud to be associated with him,” said Tom Meeker, who led one of the medical missions sponsored and arranged by Earle Mack. “He’s just terrific… Had it not been for Earle Mack, our team would not have been down there — as simple as that.”

Earle I. Mack has a long history associated with business, the arts, philanthropy, public service and education. Earle Mack was a Senior Partner of The Mack Company and served on the Board of Directors for the Mack-Cali Realty Corporation, a century old real estate investment and development firm. Earle Mack has also served on the executive committee of the National Realty Council. He is a former member of the advisory board for the New York State Business Venture Partnership and was Chairman of the New York State Racing Commission for seven years.

Earle Mack is an enthusiast of the arts and a proponent of legislation for fair and transparent business practices in thoroughbred horse racing. From 1996-1999, Earle I Mack served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the New York State Council on the Arts and now serves as Chairman Emeritus. Earle Mack is also a former board member of the New York City Ballet, a former co-chairman of the board of the Dance Theater of Harlem, and a former member of the New York Governor’s Committee on Scholastic Achievement. Earle Mack is an involved horse breeder and trader and has appeared in Bloodhorse magazine for championing fair and transparent horse trading legislation in Tampa, Florida.

Recently, Earle I. Mack has spoken out against the possibility of capping the charitable tax deduction.  CNN Lisa Sylvester reports from CNN’s Situation Room on the fiscal cliff, interviewing Earle Mack on the impact that capping charitable deductions could have on non-profits. CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer is one of the most watched shows on CNN.

Earle Mack also appeared on Fox News to discuss the same topic with Fox News’ Stuart Varney.

On Thursday, February 14th Ambassador Earle Mack apeared before the House Ways and Means Committee to discuss the problems of capping charitable deductions.  He spoke with Michael Castner of the Wall Street Journal Daily Wrap radio show the next day about his testimony.  Earle I. Mack on the WSJ Daily Wrap Show

Later, Earle Mack also was interviewed by David Weir on the South Florida Business Report about the possibility of President Obama’s budget including a cap on charitable deductions and the effect that might have on nonprofits throughout Florida and the United States.

Ambassador Mack received his Bachelor of Science degree from Drexel University and attended Fordham School of Law. Earle Mack has been honored as one of the “Drexel 100” for Drexel’s 100 most outstanding alumni and has received an honorary Doctor’s of Law from Fordham School of law, an honorary degree in Doctor of Humane Letters from Yeshiva University, and  a Doctor of Business Administration, honoris causa from Drexel University in 2006. Earle I. Mack is Chairman Emeritus of the Board of the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. He has served as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Infantry and Military Police, reserve duty. He is married and has two children.

Earle Mack has testified before congress to defend the charitable tax deductions.  Philanthropy is a big part of the economy and helping non-profits is a responsibility of the more fortunate.  Earle Mack told congress that capping charitable deductions would hurt non-profits.