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Earle Mack Defends Keeping the Charitable Deduction

But I am here today as a private citizen, someone who has been fortunate enough to be able to give millions of dollars to charity over the years. And I am here to tell you that if the charitable deduction is reduced or capped, I, and people like me, won’t be giving as much as we do now. It’s not that we donate to charities of all kinds because of the deduction; we give where we see the need because it’s the right thing to do. But it’s inherent to human nature that we usually need a gentle tap, to make it at least somewhat in our own self-interest to do the right thing. You can take my word for that, but you don’t have to.
At least one study, reported in the October 2, 2011Chronicle of Philanthropy bears me out. Oneconclusion reached by two professors who published the study in June of that year was this:
“. . . all else being equal, if the tax savings for giving another dollar to charity goes up one cent, donors will increase their contributions by a bit more than 1 percent. And they will trim their giving by a similar amount if their tax savings fall. Put another way: If a donor gets a 35-percent tax break for her gift, she will donate about 35 percent more than she would have with no tax incentive.”

Earle Mack Expedites Medical Relief To Haiti


From: Horse Owner Mack Helps With Haiti Effort

January 20, 2010

EXCERPT: “As Thoroughbred owner/breeder Earle I. Mack saw and read reports about the difficulty of the relief efforts in Haiti following the devastating earthquake that killed an estimated 200,000 people, he felt a call to action.

He knew that getting supplies and medical personnel into the country, and then immediately dispersing them to where they were needed was nearly impossible considering the devastation throughout the country. What was most noticeable to Mack was the inability for much progress to be made, considering transportation routes were impacted by the quake’s damage and most of the hospitals serving the major city of Port-au-Prince were severely damaged…”

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Earle Mack As The Former Chairman Of Cardoza Appointed To Ambassador Of Finland


From: President Bush Names Earle Mack Ambassador to Finland

Board News from Cardoza Life

EXCERPT: “…Former Cardozo Board Chairman Earle I. Mack has been appointed Ambassador to Finland by President George W. Bush.

He was sworn in as Ambassador on May 28, and presented his credentials to the President of Finland, Tarja Halonen, on June 10, 2004.

Mr. Mack is the third former Cardozo Board member to hold the rank of Ambassador. Cardozo’s first chairman, Morris Abram, was Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva under President George H.W. Bush and Eric M. Javits is US Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament, a position he has held for several years.

When Mr. Mack passed the gavel to new Board Chair Kathy Greenberg, he ended a stellar tenure that covered more than 20 years as a Board member, 12 of them as chair. Mr. Mack said, “This does not mark the end of my love for this great school.”

Ambassador Mack was elected to the Cardozo Board in 1980 and was voted chair in 1992, a position he held until his appointment as Ambassador. Among his many achievements as chairman, he indicated he was most proud of “the election for the first time of a chair from the ranks of the Cardozo alumni.” Ambassador Mack oversaw the renovation of 55 Fifth, assisted with scholarships, and provided funds for numerous projects and events at Cardozo from the redesign of the Web site to bringing King Juan Carlos of Spain to the Law School.

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Earle Mack Appointed To The Board Of The Prostate Cancer Foundation


From: The Prostate Cancer Foundation Appoints Two New Board Members

The Prostate Cancer Foundation

April 5, 2006

EXCERPT: “…Former Ambassador to Finland and biotech chief executive join the board of the world’s largest source of support for prostate cancer research.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., – April 5, 2006 – The Prostate Cancer Foundation has announced the addition of two new members to its Board of Directors: former Ambassador Earle I. Mack, senior partner of The Mack Company, and Henry L. Nordhoff, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Gen-Probe Incorporated. Mack rejoined the Board following his service as the United States Ambassador to Finland.

“The Prostate Cancer Foundation is adding valuable new expertise to our Board with the inclusion of Earle Mack and Henry Nordhoff,” said Leslie D. Michelson, chief executive officer of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. “Each member brings a unique perspective to our mission of finding better treatments and a cure for prostate cancer, and we look forward to benefiting from their considerable expertise.”…”

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Drexel Law School Named After Earle I. Mack Following Donation


From: Drexel’s law school gets a big gift and a name: The school will be named for businessman Earle Mack, who gave $15 million

Trading Stocks

April 30, 2008

EXCERPT: “Apr 30, 2008 (The Philadelphia Inquirer – McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX) — — Drexel University’s law school, which opened in August 2006, is finally getting a name, courtesy of a $15 million donation from philanthropist and former U.S. ambassador Earle Mack.

“The Earle Mack School of Law will get its new moniker in a notable-filled ceremony tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. at the school, on Market between 33d and 34th Streets.

“Gov. Rendell, former New York Gov. George Pataki, and John R. Drexel IV, a direct descendent of university founder Anthony J. Drexel, will join Mack in toasting the newly named school.

“Mack’s gift will be matched by $15 million from Drexel and donors. The businessman, arts advocate, and former ambassador to Finland is a 1959 graduate of the university…”

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Earle Mack Facilitates International Surgical Mission Support Mission To Haiti


From: Meeker: Earle Mack made Haiti mission possible (Louisville, KY – Southern Indiana)

February 1, 2010

EXCERPT: “Tom Meeker is back from Haiti, where he aided a New York-based surgical team on a humanitarian mission. He called me to make a point:

“The racing community should be very proud of Earle Mack.”

Mack is the prominent horse owner, developer, philanthropist and former ambassador to Finland who not only got Meeker’s team into Haiti but out of the devastated country as well this past Friday — all 17 of the crew, plus the 1,500 pounds of equipment they had brought with them.

Meeker, the retired president of Churchill Downs Inc., said the ISMS team is just one of a myriad of Haiti rescue missions Mack has assisted.

“He’s on the phone day and night,” he said. “My job with this team was to sort of coordinate the logistics, working there to get patients out to the Comfort (naval medical ship) who needed advanced medical care. Just doing anything and everything. But one of the days I went down to the airport, from one end to the other, and they had United Nations, USA, State Department, Army, U.S. Air Force, Canadians, a myriad of different people spread out….”

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