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Brits, Don’t Slip On the Banana Peel: Earle I Mack on The Hill

By Earle I. Mack “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” Winston Churchill’s words ring with more clarity than they have in decades as the world absorbs the impact of the Brits slip on the existential banana peel known as the Brexit vote. (By the way, Churchill also said, never […]

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Belmont Stakes Fan Festival

The excitement of Belmont Stakes is coming to Manhattan for the first time ever. A part of Grand Central Terminal will be transformed into the Belmont Stakes Fan Festival on June 7. That’s the day before the 145th running of the $1 million Belmont Stakes. The race is the third and final leg of the […]

Earle Mack on the WSJ Daily Wrap Show

Earle I. Mack on the WSJ Daily Wrap Show Michael Castner: Could changes to our charitable deductions cause a drop to our giving?  Joining us right now is Earle Mack, American businessman and former United States Ambassador to Finland.  Mr. Ambassador, you appeared before the House Ways and Means Committee yesterday, what did you tell them? […]

Earle Mack Warns Not to Limit Deductions

Like many other Americans, Earle I. Mack was worried about what would happen had Congress decided to follow through with proposals to limit charitable deductions in 2013. Doing so, he feared, would lead to a decline in charitable giving that would negatively impact programs and services all over the country. Mack sees the world as […]

The Consequences of Capping Charitable Deductions

The American spirit is one of charitable giving, for which givers receive a tax break. But that tax break is coming under scrutiny this year as lawmakers brainstorm solutions to get our country out of debt. Putting a cap on charitable giving tax deductions is on the table as a possible compromise, something that Earle […]