Earle I. Mack, the big real estate developer with a big heart, will be honored along with the rest of the board of the New York Racing Association (NYRA) for the generosity of the association in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.  NYRA began in 1955 to oversee New York’s three major racing tracks for thoroughbred racing and results in managing $2 billion in revenue for the region’s economy, as well as a long history of giving back to the community for its success.


The Red Cross received a large financial donation from the association, which Earle Mack has been involved with on and off for many years.  NYRA also donated space from one its racing tracks, the Aqueduct for the Red Cross to set up emergency response centers, as well as sponsored a race in the organization’s name to raise funds and promote awareness.  The Red Cross will honor the association at a Red & White Dinner and Dance on June 18 in New York.


The Red Cross Long Island and NYRA have committed to building a long standing partnership to help improve their community.  NYRA has already made good on that promise by hosting a blood drive for the Red Cross last month.  The racing association has a long history of community building and donating to a wide network of community nonprofits.  The organization is a good fit for Earle Mack, who is not only a long time experienced horse breeder and racer, but a passionate advocate for philanthropy, the arts and animal rights.


The event in June will honor not only the generous giving of NYRA, but recognizing the good that comes from all charitable giving.  By donating space for them to operate, Red Cross relief workers were close to the disaster zone after Sandy and were more efficiently able to deploy emergency vehicles, distribute supplies and give the volunteers a place to work.  The Red Cross was also able to set up a food kitchen for those that lost their homes.  The financial donations and the availability of space was integral to saving many lives and assisting those who were affected by the disaster.