Former Ambassador to Finland and founder of the Earle I. Mack Foundation, Earle Mack, and Former Governor of the State of New York and Founder of the George Pataki Leadership Center, George Pataki, have announced the continued support of Ukrainian citizens through the launch of Operation Heat Ukraine, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those suffering due to ongoing Russian attacks on critical infrastructure.

“To save just one life with these heaters makes our mission worth it. We have come here, boots on the ground, to ensure the delivery of these heaters to the people of Ukraine,” said Ambassador Mack. “Despite billions of dollars in aid to support military efforts, there is still significant humanitarian work that needs to be done. Through our efforts, we hope to bring awareness to the horrors of this war, particularly among civilians, and to drive additional resources to support them.”

Ambassador Mack went on to say: “The importance of much needed humanitarian aid for the survival of the Ukrainian people cannot be overstated. Forming a network of individuals, foundations, and corporations, as we have done with Operation Heat Ukraine, will hopefully raise awareness and encourage others to support the Ukrainians with resources for critical daily needs.”

Operation Heat Ukraine initially launched following discussions with high-ranking government officials in Ukraine, who indicated their people were without basic necessities like heat and electricity as the winter approached. On its first mission to Ukraine, the not-for-profit endeavor brought 15 industrial heaters to Western Ukraine, providing enough heat for over 150,000 civilians.

“A big thank you to Ambassador Earle Mack for leading this important mission,” noted Governor Pataki. “As we have said in the past, Operation Heat Ukraine will continue to help the people of Ukraine and will be delivering even more heaters and generators in weeks to come.”

On its most recent mission, Operation Heat Ukraine donated and delivered more than 350 heaters which will be used for invincibility centers at the request of the Zelensky government and will provide heat for thousands of Ukrainians.

For more information and to support this important cause, visit www.heatukraine.org.