Operation Heat Ukraine, a non-profit venture between Earle I. Mack, Former Ambassador to Finland and Founder of the Earle I. Mack Foundation, and George E. Pataki, Former Governor of the State of New York and Founder of the George E. Pataki Leadership Center, today announced a fourth humanitarian mission to Ukraine.

Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine, Mack and Pataki visited in March 2022 and saw firsthand the desperation and need for basic resources. Following several discussions with high-ranking government officials and local leaders in Ukraine, they launched Operation Heat Ukraine, a nonprofit initiative focused on helping those suffering due to ongoing Russian attacks on critical infrastructure.

“As we reach the one-year mark of the war in Ukraine, it has never been more important to bring awareness to the struggles of innocent civilians,” said Ambassador Mack. “We hope that, through our support, some of the basic needs of Ukrainian civilians will be met and urge anyone who can help to get involved.”

On this mission, Ambassador Mack will be delivering more than 220 heaters and generators to Western Ukraine. Through Operation Heat Ukraine, Ambassador Mack and Governor Pataki have donated and delivered close to one thousand industrial and residential heaters benefiting over one million Ukrainian civilians.

“Ambassador Mack has always been one to lend a hand to those in need,” said Governor Pataki. “At the onset of war in Ukraine, he immediately felt called to devote his time and effort to helping the people of Ukraine who are facing unimaginable hardships. I am proud to call him a friend and thank him for his dedication to this important mission.”

As an American philanthropist, patron of the arts, Ambassador, and real estate executive, Mack has a long history of leveraging his connections to help the world around him from the arts and culture to public policy, education, and medical research. He has served with distinction as an army infantry officer.  With Operation Heat Ukraine, Mack formed a network of individuals, foundations, and corporations to raise awareness and encourage others to support Ukraine’s civilians. He has made it his mission to make an impact, personally traveling to Ukraine and deploying millions of dollars’ worth of heaters and generators for homes, hospitals, schools and refugee centers.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand commented: “As the war in Ukraine enters its second year, it has exacerbated what was already the most significant global humanitarian crisis since World War II. Much has been done, but more work remains, which is why initiatives like Ambassador Mack’s have never been more important. I commend him for bringing together individuals from organizations, local governments, the private sector, and beyond to rally around the people of Ukraine.”

“Ambassador Mack’s dedication to the people of Ukraine has provided a glimmer of hope to those who have lost so much,” said Cardinal Dolan. “Initiatives like Operation Heat Ukraine bring together people from all different walks of life for the greater good and I commend him for his extraordinary humanitarian efforts.”

“I commend my friend, Ambassador Earle Mack, philanthropist and humanitarian, who throughout his public life has always responded to people in need,” said Rabbi Arthur Schneier, Founder of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation. “Joined by distinguished Governor George Pataki, in March 2022, Ambassador Mack initiated humanitarian aid that delivered medicine, food, clothing, and most recently heating units to the Ukrainian people.”

For more information and to support this important cause, visit www.heatukraine.org.